Back to school

Schools opened again today after two weeks holiday. For some high school students in Christchurch, it was back to their own school for the first time since the February earthquake. Many high schools have been sharing a school site, with the host school starting in the morning and the visiting school in the afternoon. Linwood College and Catholic Cathedral College are now able to return to their school where classrooms have been repaired.

However, Avonside Girls’ High School, Shirley Boys’ High School and Marion College are still sharing a site with a host school. It is hard for the morning students as they go to school when it is dark; the afternoon students come home when it is dark. They have only four hours of classes a day so have more homework to do.

The future is uncertain for these schools which were badly damaged in the earthquake. Many houses in these areas will be demolished. The Minister of Education said that Avonside students will return to their school next year but the school will probably close two years after that.

Some primary schools are still sharing sites with other schools. Redcliffs School is sharing with Sumner because of the danger of rock falls.

Many Christchurch schools are finding that student numbers have decreased. Many families have left Christchurch.

Listen to March 26th 2011 to hear more about schools sharing sites.

The principal of Linwood College said that there could be changes at their school after their site-sharing experience. Some things worked well. Some students liked getting up late. Some students liked the shorter class periods. Do you think high schools should start at 10am to give teenagers a chance to sleep in? Are 45 minute class periods better than one hour for students?