Deported Students Can Return to New Zealand

In 2016 nine Indian students were deported from New Zealand because their study abroad agents in India had made fake documents in their visa applications.

The students had been very upset at the time, and several protests were held in 2017. They insisted that they did not know about the falsified documents.

Now, two years later, four of the nine students have been granted new open work visas. They will be allowed to work in New Zealand for one year.

This is will be an important opportunity for them because it will help to restore their reputations. They have said that it was very hard going back to India and trying to find a job, when everybody knew that they had been deported.

The lawyer who helped some of the students, Alastair McClymont, said that there could be thousands of other students who have had similar problems with their agents committing fraud.

There is no information about whether the rest of the nine students can come back or not.


agent: someone who acts for someone else

fake: not real

falsify: to make an untrue document

granted: given

reputation: what other people think of you

restore: make good again

deport: to force someone to leave a country that they are visiting