Alert Level 1 Starts Tomorrow!!

This afternoon the government has announced that Alert Level 1 will start at midnight tonight. This means that people can live their lives in an almost ordinary way.

We can squeeze onto the bus, and we won’t need to practice social distancing. We can go to bars and nightclubs and concerts! All we have to do is use the contact tracing app. However, our borders will still be tightly controlled.

I have not had time today to make a voice recording, because I have spent most of the day getting our first workbook loaded onto Smashwords. If you would like to download this printable file, please follow the link on the left side of the screen.

ESL News does not advertise or charge a subscription, but we still have to pay for web hosting and our domain name. If you can make a donation by purchasing a workbook, that would be lovely. If you can’t afford to make a donation, you can also get it for free (the price is flexible).

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