More Job Losses

Sometimes we hear that the economic problems in New Zealand are not so bad. On the other hand, we heard of more job losses this week. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) will cut 70 jobs. The TEC is a government business which gives funding and checks the quality of universities, polytechs and private institutions teaching adults. The National Party said before the elections that many government jobs would be cut.

100 people out of 1,800 people who sort the mail, will lose their jobs at NZ Post. Posties will not lose their jobs. NZ Post says that more people use the internet these days instead of posting letters so there is not so much mail.

Nobody really knows if things are going to get better soon. Some say the economic problems will last many years, while others say we are lucky in this country because we don’t have the same problems as the US. Unfortunately, we cannot tell what is going to happen in the future.

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