Tonight, or more accurately, 2.52am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, the moon will appear to be much bigger and brighter. In fact, in the last few days it has already appeared to be bigger and brighter. It will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter. This is because the full moon is closest to the Earth, and the Earth is closest to the sun in early January. NZ will see this first in the world if the sky is not too cloudy. Christchurch in the South Island and Gisborne in the North Island are the best places to view it.

The last time we had a supermoon was in January 1948 and the next time will be November 2034.

The full moon will bring king tides – higher and lower than normal. Some Auckland ferries will not be able to dock at the wharf when the tide is too low. Buses will replace the ferry at Half Moon Bay on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this week.

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