Auckland airport fuel problems

Auckland airport gets its fuel from a pipeline. This 168km pipeline sends aviation fuel from the refinery in Northland to Auckland airport but a break in the pipeline has stopped the flow of oil. It is not clear what caused the break. Possibly it was a digger on a farm a few months ago. However, the break is in a very acidic swampy area which may have caused slow corrosion.

The repair could take up to two weeks before normal flow is restored.

The result is that the airport has only 30% of its normal supply of oil. AirNZ has had to cancel many flights, both domestic and Trans Trasman. Other international flights may have to fly to Christchurch first or stop in the Pacific to refuel.

We all know the disappointments and worries when flights are cancelled and hope that never happens to us.


    aviation (adj) – concerning planes
    refinery (n) – the place which processes oil to make it suitable for planes
    acidic – adjective from acid
    swampy (adj) – wet land
    corrosion (n) – damage to metal like eating the metal – to corrode (v)


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