Second leaders’ debate

Tonight, TV3 hosted a debate between the two main party leaders, Bill English the PM and also leader of the National Party on the one hand and Jacinda Ardern the leader of the Labour Party. This was a much more fiery debate than the previous one. Jacinda especially became quite heated when arguing about matters which she felt strongly about. These matters were cheaper housing for first home buyers, and the need to eliminate poverty. Bill English argued that the Labour Party’s policies would cost more than they have stated but Jacinda named the experts who had checked their figures.

When they were asked about whether they would join with the US if that country declared war on North Korea, both leaders replied that New Zealand is its own country and we do not have to follow the US.

When questions about problems like housing shortages, high immigration or poverty were asked, it was easy for Jacinda to say to Bill English, “Your party has had nine years to do something about this problem.” It was also easy for her to make promises and say, “We will do this and this.”

It was a lively debate between two people who are smart. Both have integrity, both are people you feel you could trust, both want to do the best for this country. National says, “We have a strong economy as a result of how we have governed in the last nine years.” Labour says, “It’s time for a change.”

The Press leaders’ debate is September 7th 6pm and will be streamed live.


• fiery (adj) – from fire (n), showing very strong feelings, getting very excited
• heated (adj) – similar to hot (adj), showing strong feelings, getting excited
• eliminate (v) – get rid of
• poverty (n) – from poor (adj), people who are poor
• integrity (n) – honesty, truthfulness

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