Spring comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This is an old saying about the Spring in Britain and it certainly applies to New Zealand also. The lion is known for being a fierce animal while the lamb is a gentle animal. They are symbols for the kind of weather we can have at the beginning and end of Spring.

September is the first month of Spring and around the whole country it has been wet, cold, and windy for these first two days of Spring. Of course, the geography of our country is so different in the far north and the far south, as well as on the west and east coasts and this affects the weather. Often, if it’s sunny on the east, it’s raining on the west.

However, we can enjoy the signs of Spring everywhere: bulbs like daffodils, cherry blossom trees, rhododendrons, magnolias.

Here is a rhododendron shrub in my garden.

Listen to Spring 2016 to hear more about Spring.

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