Wine exports increase

The value of wine exports is now about the same as our kiwifruit exports. The latest report from the New Zealand winegrowers shows that the value of our exports in wine has increased 6% since last year to $1.66bn. The main reason for the growth is the increase in exports to the US. New Zealand wines are the third most popular in the US after French and Italian wines. The Americans especially like our Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. It has a crisp fruity taste. 86% of our wine exported is Sauvignon Blanc. Also popular among Americans is Pinot Noir from Central Otago and Syrah from Hawkes Bay.

New Zealand wine is sold to 90 countries around the world. The UK is our second largest market but many Asian countries are enjoying New Zealand wines too.

The report mentioned the valuable work done by migrant workers and how important it is to pay them properly. They also need good accommodation. With the increase in grape growing areas, more seasonal workers will be needed in the future.


• value (n) – here it means the value in money
• Sauvignon Blanc – a variety of white wine produced from green grapes
• Pinot Noir – a variety of red wine produced from red grapes
• Syrah – a variety of red wine produced from red grapes; it is called Shiraz in Australia
• seasonal workers – they work only in autumn to harvest the grapes; some work in winter to prune the grapes also. Many of these workers come from the Pacific Islands

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