Whitewater park opens

The new Whitewater park in Manukau, South Auckland was opened today by John Key. It will be open to the public tomorrow. It cost $37m and was 15 years in the planning. The taps were turned on at the beginning of March. It took 15 days to fill then the pumps were tested. This month, a number of experienced kayakers, paddle boarders and rafters tried it out. Today they showed the public what they could do.

There is a lake and two man-made rivers. Pumps keep the water moving to make whitewater. The longer river, 300m long, includes a 4.5m waterfall and strong rapids. This is a grade 4 course for experienced kayakers and for rafting. However, the 200m river, is grade 1 to 2 for beginners, with gentle rapids. The lake is a good starting point for people to become confident before trying the whitewater. It is also good for stand-up paddle boards.

The park is a charitable trust which means the profit goes back into improving the park. Also the cost for schools is subsidized.

Check out the website.


• whitewater – rough water which is constantly moving
• rapids – fast-moving part of a river
• confident – feeling of being sure of success
• charitable trust – an organization to help people who cannot pay much
• subsidized – students don’t pay the full cost

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