More Chinese tourists

John Key has recently been in China, along with a number of NZ business people. One of the deals he was proud to announce was a deal to bring 10,000 Amway sales staff for a 5-day trip to Queenstown, 500 at a time. Although they would have training sessions while they were in Queenstown, there would also be time for sightseeing and shopping. The first group would come in Autumn 2018.

While this is good news for the tourist industry – hotels, shops, Air NZ, and the companies which offer attractions like jet boating and sky diving – there is also a concern that Queenstown does not have enough hotel beds. Nor does it have a convention centre yet. Queenstown is a small town with a population of less than 30,000 in the whole district. However, most tourists come in the summer between December and March, or in the winter months for skiing. The contract with Amway is for spring and autumn.

Already many more Chinese tourists visited NZ this year than ever before, especially around the time of Chinese New Year. Tourists from China now make up the second largest group of tourists, with 400,000 people visiting. Australians are still the number one – 1.4 million Australians visited NZ last year.


• a deal – a business contract
• convention centre – large building for conferences


1. What are some of the problems with more tourists in a small town?
2. Will more tourists in Queenstown mean that tourism will increase in other parts of New Zealand?
3. While the dairy industry was our most important industry, milk prices have dropped recently. Is tourism a better industry for our economy?


  1. 1.Queenstown does not have enough hotel beds. Nor does it have a convention centre yet.
    2.Yes.I think so because people are always like visit more place when they go abroad.
    3.I agree.Agriculture and livestock is an important industry in New Zealand.New Zealand also has the original ecological environment, Tourism is a good way to economic development.

  2. 1.Queenstown doesn’t have enough hotel beds.
    2.Yes, I think some tourists are come from different countries and they are so far from NZ. They will stay half a month or more so they will go to another city to visit.
    3.Yes, more tourists visit NZ that is a good news for different industrys, such as hotels, shops, Air NZ and some companies.

  3. 1.There are very few hotel beds.
    2.Of course I think so when the tourists come to New Zealand they want to go abroad.
    3.It is better because that improve the economic situation such as airplane, supermarket, petrol station, hotels, etc…

  4. 1.There are not enough hotels beds and a convention centre in a small town.

    2.Yes,it will happen.When more people come here to travel can lead to economic development.

    3.Yes,I think so.It is good news for the tourist industry,such as hotels, shops, Air NZ.New Zealand’s beautiful scenery will attract more people to come here.

  5. 1. If many people crowded in Queenstown, some people don’t like to
    visit there.

    2. Yes, i agree because many tourists who are from other countries may not just visit in Queenstown.

    3. I think not to bad. If more tourists visit NZ, tourism industry’s income will be increase.

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