Five years since the earthquake

A memorial service was held in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens today to remember those who died or were seriously injured during the earthquake five years ago. It was a very sad service. Flowers were the symbol of remembrance and caring. Many people threw flowers into the Avon River and once again, there were flowers in the top of road cones.

Although the central city is still under construction, an office block opened this month for government workers like those in the Department of Internal Affairs. The government is planning to move 1,000 workers into the central city this year. This will make a big difference. The only workers in the central city have been construction workers, shop assistants in the small container city (the Restart Mall) and a few people working in the cafes which opened recently. However, many more buildings will be open in another year. There is progress.

To listen to more about the earthquake anniversary, go to February 21 2015 and February 22 2014.


• memorial (adj, n) – a time, place or an object to remember those who died
• remembrance (n) – from the verb to remember
• symbol (n) – a sign
• under construction – an idiom to mean construction is happening right now
• Restart Mall – shops in colourful shipping containers


  1. I am so interested in the Restart Mall. It is said that it is built by local goverment after earthquake, and specially it is made of shipping containers. From it, i have seen the power of optimism of the whole city when it was in a devil of a hole. And i think when i am shopping in it, the unique feeling is more significant than the shopping itself. One suggestion for you:adding some relavant pictures makes a lot more fun.

  2. By the way, i am a university student. We are exactly studying something about earthquake, and there is a problem which i want to consult you. The question is how to express a trembling scene in earthquake. My answer is that the earth is quaking, it was like a tractor was passing by.
    As far as i am concerned, my expression is monotonous, so i’d like to beg your advice.

  3. This is what I said about the 7.2 earthquake. It was “like trying to walk on ship during a rough storm”. It was impossible to walk because the ground was shaking so vigorously.

  4. True, it would be good to add pictures but I’m not much of a photographer. Sometimes I give a link to a picture in a newspaper.

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