The Flag Vote

If you are a New Zealand resident and have registered to vote, you will have your flag voting papers now. You need to vote and post your voting paper by Tuesday.

There are five choices. You write 1 in the box under the flag you like best, 2 in the box you like next and so on. You don’t need to write a number in every box if you don’t want to. It is quite hard to rank five flags. You can just choose one flag or perhaps two.

The flag which people like best will be on the voting paper in March next year. We will have two choices at that time: the old flag or the new.

If you come from a country which does not have a democratic government, you should vote. It shows you believe in democracy where the government listens to the people.

To find out more about the flag vote, listen to September 24 2015 .

To register to vote, look at elections NZ.


rank – put in order from first, second, third to last

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