Climate Change conference

John Key spoke at the Climate Change conference in Paris on the opening day. He said that New Zealand is planning to cut our greenhouse gas emissions to 30% below our 2005 levels by 2030. This will not be easy because only 20% of our energy is produced from fossil fuels. 80% of our electricity is produced by wind, geothermal steam, and water from rivers. This is renewable energy because the wind, steam, and water can be used again and again. It is also clean energy which does not produce greenhouse gas emissions.

The other reason it is difficult for us to reduce is that 50% of our emissions are from agriculture. It will be difficult to make changes here but New Zealand is one of the 46 countries which belong to the Global Research Alliance. The aim of the Alliance is to produce more food, more cheaply and cut greenhouse gases from animals, crops and rice growing. New Zealand will contribute another $20m to this Alliance.

Mr Key said New Zealand will spend $200m on helping the Pacific Islands to develop clean energy such as solar power instead of oil to produce electricity.

Mr Key is one of 147 world leaders in Paris for the conference at the moment.


emissions – gas which goes into the atmosphere
fossil fuels – oil, gas, coal
renewable – become new again
crops – vegetables, plants for food
contribute – give


Note: spend X on …ing; e.g spend money on helping; spend time (on) doing …


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