School Starts for the Year

School starts again this week for most students. This is the start of the new school year. Children who turned five during the holidays will start school for the first time. Children starting a new school often feel nervous if they don’t know anyone. It is especially hard for children who go to boarding school. Some rural children, when they reach high school age, go to boarding school instead of travelling long distances by school bus.

Most children, though, are happy to be back at school to see friends again. Parents are usually happy too. They can return to their normal life.

High school principals are worried that they will not have enough teachers and classrooms because more senior students are returning to school. Jobs are hard to find and some 17- and 18-year olds are deciding to go back to school if they can’t find a job.

It is too soon to know if the same thing is going to happen with polytechs and universities. Unemployment is increasing because of the economic problems. Young people know that they will need a qualification if they want a good job in the future. Early enrolments in polytechs and universities are showing there will probably be more students this year.

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