Queen’s Birthday weekend

This weekend is Queen’s Birthday weekend. The Queen’s birthday is actually 21st April but it is celebrated in New Zealand on the first Monday in June. Other countries which have Queen Elizabeth as their monarch, choose a day which fits in with their other holidays. April is not a suitable time for another holiday from work as we already celebrate ANZAC day on April 25th and this year Easter was in April also.

At this time, the government announces the list of people who will receive honours. We have an honours list twice a year: New Year’s Day and Queen’s Birthday.

In the UK, the Queen’s Birthday is celebrated on a Saturday in June. This is summer and likely to be good weather. In London, the Queen takes part in a parade of soldiers from a number of different regiments, all with their own flags. She has her own horse guard. She rides in a carriage from Buckingham Palace and salutes the soldiers. At the end of the ceremony, she and the royal family stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and wave to the crowds.

Listen to June 4th 2011 to hear more about Queen’s Birthday and follow the links to other posts.

Click here to see photos of the Queen’s Birthday parade.


• monarch – king or queen
• regiments – groups of soldiers
• salute (v and n) – lifting her hand to her hat

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  1. For those visiting London there are actually three parades where the Guards Regiment, who guard The Queen, will Troop their Colours, (Flags on which their battle honours are embossed).
    These are the Major Generals Review and Colonel’s Review which are full dress rehearsals for the Queens Birthday Parade, which normally takes place on the second Saturday in June.
    You can find pictures and information about Trooping the Colour and the dates it takes place on our website.

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