Pike River Mine will be a memorial

Yesterday, the families of miners who died in the Pike River coal mine, learnt that it is not safe to enter the mine. Some families hoped that bodies would be found in the mine and brought out for burial. However, after explosions and fires nearly four years ago, it is likely nothing would be found.

The main reason for the decision yesterday, though, is that it is too dangerous. Solid Energy now owns the mine. The government provided $7.2m to the company to find ways to enter the mine safely. The company brought in experts and machines but in the end, decided it was not possible.

Instead, the mine will be sealed and become a memorial to the 29 men who died there.

Listen to November 5th 2012 to hear more about the Pike River mine or type ‘coal’ in the search box.

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• burial (n), bury (v) – a dead body placed in the ground
• sealed – closed forever
• memorial – a place to honour the memory of these men

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