New fault line in Wellington

Scientists have discovered a new active fault line under the sea in Wellington harbour. It is 2 km long and crosses from Oriental Parade to the Westpac stadium. It could be much longer and extend into Cook Strait. There were two large earthquakes on this fault line in the last 10,000 years; the most recent one was 6,000 years ago.

However, the Mayor of Wellington said that the city is not in any more danger than before because there are already many fault lines. The city is doing everything possible to make sure that all buildings are safe if there is an earthquake. Any buildings which are not safe, have to be improved or demolished.

People need to have a plan of what to do if there is an earthquake while they are at home or at work. Neighbours could be very important so it is a good idea to know your neighbours. It is also important to read your insurance policies carefully to make sure your insurance is adequate.

Some people think it is time to move Parliament to Auckland. The Prime Minister, however, does not agree. “Parliament will stay in Wellington,” he said.


• extend – become longer
• demolished – pulled down
• adequate – good enough


Do you think Parliament should move to Auckland? Why? What are the advantages of having Wellington as our capital?

What plans have you made if there is a disaster such as volcano, a tsunami or an earthquake? Would you have clean water? Do you have a transistor radio? Do you have an old plug-in telephone? Have you arranged a place to meet members of your family (e.g. at the local school)? Do you keep good walking shoes at work? Do you know any first aid?

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