Power cut in Auckland

About 85,000 Aucklanders lost their power Sunday morning after a fire in the Penrose sub-station. Most had power restored by this morning but about 18,000 homes and businesses still had a blackout today.

How did this affect people? First, there was no electric light at home, the electric stove and refrigerator did not work and food in the freezer was likely to thaw. Electric water heaters did not heat the water and electric heaters did not heat the home. There was no power to re-charge batteries on phones and laptops. TV did not work.

Police suggested that people catch a train or bus to work today instead of driving because traffic lights did not work at many intersections.

Businesses lost money. Cafes could not make coffee or provide hot food. Shops which usually sold ice cream probably had to throw it out. Many businesses closed. EFTPOS did not work.

Most hospitals and some businesses had a generator so could provide power and keep going.

By tomorrow, the power cut should be over. Everyone should have their power back.


• restore (v) – get a service back again
• a blackout (n) – a power cut (n)
• thaw (v) – melt (solid food)
• EFTPOS – abbreviation for Electronic funds transfer, position of sale; the machine which allows you to pay by credit card.
• generator (n) – portable machine which probably uses diesel to provide power
• be over (adv) – be finished, at an end


Do not use should in this sentence: Police suggested that people catch …
The construction is X suggested (that) Y do …
e.g. He suggested that we travel together

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