Green Party plan for free public transport for students

Green Party announced their policy for free public transport for students last month.

Any university or higher education student will be given a ‘Student Green Card’.

The card allows free trips on trains, buses and ferries during off-peak hours between 9 am to 3 pm and after 6.30 pm on weekdays. It also includes free public transport during weekends and public holidays.

The policy will impact on 350,000 students in New Zealand. Most students will save up to $30 and $40 a week on transport costs. The policy needs to be supported by other parties to pass. It will cost the government $22 million to $28 million a year.

Many students say they will support the Green Party in the coming election because of this policy.


• policy (n) – plan or idea of an individual, government or organizations
• Green Party (n) – name of political party in New Zealand
• off-peak hours (adj) – the least busiest time, the opposite word is ‘high-peak hours’ – busiest time
• impact – have an effect on

Thanks to Hannah Choi for this contribution.


  1. I’ve got resident visa and lived in nz less than 1 year.
    I’d like to vote in election. I wonder I’m allowed to vote or not.
    Thanks for your great website.

  2. The answer is ‘No’. You have to live in NZ continuously for at least 1 year. Go back to the post on September 6th on General Election, under Recent News. You can still be interested though. It will help you decide how to vote next time.

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