Hope and Wire

This is a TV drama about Christchurch earthquakes. It is in three parts with the first part showing on TV3 last night. The next two parts will be on July 10 and 17th. The film-maker is Gaylene Preston. She is a very well-known film-maker of New Zealand stories.

Hope and Wire is a mixture of family dramas and real film taken of the events in Christchurch at the time of the earthquakes. It shows a number of families who lived through the earthquakes. It starts with the first earthquake at 4.35am on September 4, 2010.

Many people wonder if it is too soon to show a film about such a terrible disaster. Gaylene Preston said that even 10 years would be too soon for some people who lost family members during the earthquakes. However, for other people who might be upset by the film, she suggested that they watch together with friends.

The title comes from a song. The hope was shown by flowers and heart signs attached to fences around the CTV building where so many people died.

To find out more about Christchurch earthquakes, type ‘earthquake’ in the search box or go to September 2010, February or June 2011 archives.


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