Auckland City Plan


• congestion – too many people or cars which means they can’t move easily
• urban sprawl – city spread out too much
• infrastructure – water, sewage, electricity, transport etc
• metropolitan – city
• submissions – write your opinions and send them to the council

Auckland has a new plan for how the city will grow. About 600 people move to Auckland each week and in the next 30 years that means 1million more people. Already Auckland has a problem with traffic congestion. During rush hours, cars on the motorways get stuck in traffic and cannot move. It takes people a long time to drive to work and home again after work. Should the city build more motorways? Who would pay? What about a congestion tax for anyone driving into the central city?

Many of Auckland’s problems come from urban sprawl. The city extends over a large area. This makes infrastructure expensive – underground water pipes, electricity, roads and public transport are expensive over a large area. More people need to live closer together.

The Auckland plan has more high-rise buildings, especially around metropolitan centres like Albany or Botany where buildings could be 18 storeys. Town centres like Pakuranga could have 8-storey buildings. The idea is to create work places in these centres so local people would not have to travel into the city for work or to do business. There would be mix of different kinds of housing: high apartment blocks, town houses and single houses, giving people a choice.

The city council is asking Aucklanders for their opinions on the city plan. People can attend meetings or send their submissions to the council by the end of the month.

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  1. Summary

    Auckland has a new plan for the city growth.

    In the next 3 decades, the population rapid growth in Auckland would cause heavy traffic comgestion. More motorways should be built, but who would pay? Due to the city rapid extension, highrise buildings would be built at the city centres and town centers. Many kinds of housing would give people a choice, however it could change the way people’s living.

    The city council is asking Aucklanders for their opions by attending meetings or writing letters by the end of the month.

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