Deadline for red zone homeowners

5pm today was the deadline for Christchurch owners of homes in the residential red zone. They had to accept CERA’s offer for their property by 5pm today. Home owners had two choices: accept CERA’s offer for their home and land at 2007 value, or take the money from the insurance company for the house and from CERA for the land.

Already 6,000 people have accepted one of those offers but earlier today 270 had not accepted. Some are waiting for more information from their insurance company. Some are waiting for a decision from the high court. Some are fighting the offer from CERA. Some people had bought land and were waiting to build a house on the land. CERA has offered them 50% of the 2007 value of the land but they want 100%. It will be impossible for them to buy land in another area if they get only 50%. It is not possible to insure land so they have no other options.

A few people are refusing to move. They like their house or they like their area or they are too old and tired to move. However, if they stay there, they could lose water and sewerage connection.

It is a distressing time for many people in the red zone.

Listen to June 23rd 2011 and March 9th 2011 to hear more about the government’s offer.


• deadline – date when they must decide
• residential – area where people live, where there are houses
• CERA – Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (for the government)
• accept – say yes
• options – choices
• sewerage – waste water from shower, toilet etc.
• distressing – people feel very upset, worried, angry etc.

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