New Zealand Post may cut mail deliveries

NZPost is losing money so the company would like to cut mail deliveries from 6 days a week to 3 days a week.

NZPost is planning to put computers in some places, like supermarkets and petrol stations, so that people can post their own mail electronically.

In the last 10 years, the number of letters and parcels has dropped by 25%. This drop will continue in the future as more people use the internet for email, banking and bill payments. Businesses often use the internet instead of posting accounts.

However, about 30% of New Zealanders do not have a computer connection. Some of these are elderly people; some are rural people.

The union for postal workers said there will be job losses. At present NZPost employs 7,000 staff including 2,200 full-time posties.

NZPost is an SOE – State-Owned Enterprise. It is owned by the government so the government has to decide if there will be cuts to mail services. The Minister of Communications, Amy Adams, said she will listen to people who might have a problem with a 3-day a week postal service. Anyone can send a submission, giving their opinion, to the Minister by March 12th.


• the company (first sentence) – NZPost
• deliveries – letters and parcels are delivered to every house by a postie
• electronically – using a computer instead of a person
• bill payment – when you receive an account, you pay the bill
• account – a bill
• rural – people who live in the countryside not the city (opposite: urban)
• union of workers –is concerned about workers’ pay and conditions as well as job losses
• staff – workers in a company; (teachers in a school, nurses in a hospital)
• mail services – e.g. deliveries, selling stamps, sending letters
• communications – includes telephones, letters, internet
• submission – a formal letter to a Minister in Parliament, giving your opinion

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