Hobbit actors arrive in Wellington

A special AirNZ plane, painted with Hobbit characters, brought Hobbit actors to Wellington today in time for tomorrow’s premiere of the movie. It is called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This will be the first of three films of the Hobbit. Like The Lord of the Rings, it will be a trilogy.

The movie was made in New Zealand, mostly in Wellington, just like The Lord of the Rings. The director, Sir Peter Jackson, said the final editing of the film was not finished until Sunday night.

Tomorrow afternoon, at 4.30pm, the actors will walk down the 500m red carpet to the Embassy theatre. Crowds of people are expected to watch. The weather forecast is for fine weather.

The movie will be in cinemas across the world from December 13th.


• characters – people in a book, play or film
• premiere – first time it is shown in a theatre (French word = first)
• film – movie
• trilogy – three movies or books (tri = three)
• edit – cut some parts that are not wanted or change the order
• cinema – movie theatre

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