Gold Medals for NZ Rowers

New Zealand has now won three gold medals in the rowing. Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan won the double sculls then the next day Hamish Bond and Eric Murray won the pairs. This was followed just 45 minutes later by Mahe Drysdale who won the single sculls. Juliet Haigh and Rebecca Scown won the bronze medal in the women’s pairs.

New Zealand has done well in recent years in rowing. Perhaps hosting the World Rowing Championships in 2010 helped. Listen to September 5th 2011 to hear about two of these champion rowers and follow the links to hear about the World Rowing Championships.

sculls – each rower has two oars
pairs – each rower has one oar


Why might hosting the World Rowing Championships help New Zealand to do well in rowing?


  1. NZ now has three bronze medals in rowing as well as those three gold medals. This is the best that NZ has ever done in Olympics rowing.

  2. Hosting the world rowing championships has made more young newzealanders interested in this sport.They participate in rowing.So the country could have more excellent athletes in the future.

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