New Zealand Olympic song

Sam RB won the competition for the New Zealand Olympic Song earlier this year. It is called ‘Stand Tall’ which means ‘be confident, be proud of yourself’. Sam is a busker who makes her living from composing songs and singing accompanied by her guitar. She won the competition earlier this year from 200 other entries. She recorded this song with a group of children from a primary school. She also recorded it with a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter.

However, this week she is in London and recorded her song with a church choir. She will sing at the dinner for the Governor-Generals of the Commonwealth tomorrow and at the official dinner for the New Zealand Olympic athletes.

Here are the words for the chorus of the song:

You stand tall
You stand strong
You stand above
You stand beyond
You carry our dreams
You carry our hopes
A nation proud
We wish you well.

Click the New Zealand Olympic song to hear Sam RB.


to make a living – this is her job
note pronunciation of choir – starts with kw


Do you think the words of the song are appropriate?
Do you like the melody?

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  1. Yes, I like this song.
    It’s a fine melody, easy to remember the lyrics an to sing.

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