PM returns from Indonesia

John Key spent three days in Indonesia last week and one day in Singapore. The main reason for his visit was to increase trade between these countries and New Zealand.

Twenty-five business people went with the Prime Minister including the chief of Fonterra, the dairy business. Fonterra plans to set up a milk powder company in Indonesia selling two products: Anlene (for older people who worry about getting osteoporosis) and Anmum (for pregnant women). Fonterra sells 1billion litres of milk to Indonesia. The Fonterra chief said they also want to work with local farmers to help them produce more fresh milk.

Another reason for the trip was to increase tourism from Indonesia which has an improving economy with more middle class people. The Indonesian Garuda airlines plans to start a daily service between Jakarta and Auckland next year. New Zealand also wants to encourage more Indonesian fee-paying students to study in New Zealand. At the moment only about 600 come to New Zealand but about 18,000 go to Australia.

New Zealand also wants to sell more of our food and drink products to Indonesia as well as Singapore. Singapore imports most of its food. We would like them to import more New Zealand food.


osteoporosis – a disease connected with low bone density.
pregnant – women who are expecting a baby
encourage – suggest, persuade, give good reasons for doing something
An airline ‘service’ means planes fly between these two places on a regular timetable.

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  1. It is difficult for people coming here to live and improve English. The reason is that the government doesn’t have programs to support foreigners. A simple example, the US has the VOA and Australia has

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