Lantern Festival

During the weekend, Auckland celebrated the end of the Chinese New Year with a Lantern Festival in Albert Park. A big crowd of people attended. Next weekend, Christchurch will celebrate the Lantern Festival in Hagley Park. The Lantern Festival is usually held on the 15th day after the start of the Lunar New Year. The first day this year was January 23rd. This is the Year of the Dragon. The dragon means strength, good fortune, wisdom and long life. It is a good year for babies to be born.

The entertainment for this year’s Lantern Festival is by local performers and three groups from China – a dragon dance group from Shanghai, a reggae band from Beijing and a Southern opera and acrobatics group. After performing in Auckland, the three groups from China will travel to Christchurch for next weekend.

As well as evening entertainment, there are lanterns in many different shapes such as animals, insects and characters from stories. They are usually tied to trees. They have lights inside them. There are many food stalls at the festival also.

The end of the evening, there is a fireworks display.


Present simple is used to describe events because the Auckland event is finished and the Christchurch event has not happened yet.


strength (noun), strong (adjective)
wisdom (noun); wise (adjective)
acrobatics – difficult physical tricks like standing on someone’s head; the person is an acrobat.


What countries celebrate the Lunar New Year? If you come from one of these countries, how do you celebrate the New Year? Is this the most important holiday in your country?

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