Labour Party Leadership

After the Labour Party lost the election, the leader, Phil Goff, resigned. Later this week the Party will choose another leader. They will choose between two men – David Shearer and David Cunliffe. Both men have been speaking at Labour Party meetings. Party members are very interested and large numbers of members have attended the meetings.

David Cunliffe is the MP for New Lynn in Auckland. In 2007 and 2008 he was the Minister for Health and for Communications and Technology. For the last three years, while Labour was in Opposition, he was the Finance spokesperson for Labour. He has been in Parliament since 1999 but he is still a young man – in his late 40s. His deputy would be Nanaia Mahuta and she could help bring back Maori voters.

David Shearer is also an Auckland MP. He won the Mt Albert seat in June 2009 when Helen Clark left Parliament so he has only been in Parliament a short time. However, he was a diplomat and has worked for the United Nations, Save the Children and other humanitarian organizations in Somalia and many other countries where there is war. He says that this means he is good at working with people.

The Labour Party believes there must be a change in the future to win the next election.

leadership – the job of being a leader
resigned – said he would not be the leader any more
Opposition – the main party not in government
spokesperson – his job was to watch the Minister of Finance and show that Labour had better finance ideas
deputy – second to the leader
diplomat – represents the government overseas
humanitarian – caring for people

Is it a good idea to have a leadership contest? Does it split the Party or does it create more interest?

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  1. i think it is a good idea to have leadership contest,because only have competitions in the party,the members have motivations to do something better. ohterwise, in these day still have some countries’ leader isn’t elected, they are losing the motivations and nothing will be improved.if have two or more people compete the party leader will create more interest,except someone do something over!

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