The cost to Tauranga

The Managing Director of Greek company, Costamare, which owns the Rena, apologised for the leaking oil. The company has to pay for the salvage and at least $12m for the oil clean-up costs. That may not be enough.

The captain and the navigation officer have been charged in the Tauranga court with causing danger or a risk. They will return to court again next week. If they are guilty, they could go to jail for one year or have to pay a fine of $10,000 or both go to jail and pay a fine.

Meanwhile, the cost for businesses in Tauranga will be high. Many tourists come to enjoy the beaches in the summer. They stay in hotels, motels or campgrounds. They eat in cafes and restaurants. They shop in the city. They spend money on activities like deep sea fishing, dolphin watching or learning to surf. Will they come if the sea and beaches are polluted with oil?

See October 9th and 13th for some vocabulary definitions

navigation – reading maps and knowing where to go
risk – possible danger
charged – the police accused them in court of a crime


  1. The government should respond to the accident quickly.

  2. Maybe there were some problems with the navagatoin system onboard.In the due time I think we need to send some investigators to the scene.
    I am really worried about the oil spill.

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