Snow storms

Much of New Zealand experienced some severe weather yesterday and today. Snow storms moved up from Southland, reaching Dunedin and Christchurch later yesterday. Snow continued to fall all night. Christchurch people woke up to a winter wonderland – about 15cm of snow on the ground. It looked so beautiful. It didn’t stop snowing until the afternoon. Children were outside making snowmen and having fun in the snow but it was very cold. The high for the day was 2 degrees.

About 2000 homes in Christchurch were without electricity for part of the day. Many people, whose homes were badly damaged by the earthquake, were feeling the cold.

Roads were dangerous in Christchurch and Dunedin, especially on hills, and police warned people to stay home if possible. Queenstown and Christchurch airports were closed for some time. This was the heaviest snow fall for Christchurch in 15 years.

Meanwhile snow continued to move up the South Island. Wellington had snow on the hills and strong cold southerly winds around the city. Their temperature was unusually low – 6 degrees with the wind chill making it feel more like minus one.

Taranaki on the west coast of the North Island also experienced snow. This is very unusual for the west coast. It’s 70 years since they had so much snow.

Mountains and hills north of Wellington, and between Taupo and Napier were also covered with snow. Many roads were closed. While this happens every winter it is much colder than usual.

While it was inconvenient for travellers, skiers are happy. Most ski areas were closed at the beginning of July because of a lack of snow.

a lack of snow – lack is a noun; lack can also be a verb e.g. the ski area lacked snow. Often used in present continuous e.g. she is lacking energy / talent / time / friends etc.

Note two ways of making a comparison: It’s the heaviest snow fall in 15 years. It’s 70 years since they had so much snow.

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