Christchurch Loses Rugby World Cup

Christchurch learnt today that the rugby games as part of the World Cup will be moved to other cities. This is because of damage to the stadium. There is damage to the field and damage to the stands where people sit. Another problem is the lack of accommodation for tourists. So many hotels in Christchurch have been damaged. About 35,000 visitors to Christchurch would need accommodation.

The damage to the stadium could be repaired in six months, just in time for the games but there are other priorities. Other repairs are more urgent; for example repairs to homes and businesses are more urgent than repairs to sports fields.

The original schedule for the Rugby World Cup gave Christchurch five pool games – i.e. games between other countries in each pool (group) – and two quarter-finals. Now the quarter-finals will be played in Auckland and the pool games will go to other cities in the South Island.

The Christchurch mayor said this was a terrible loss to Christchurch. Local businesses were hoping that the games would help the local economy.

stands – buildings with seats for spectators
stadium – the field and the stands
priorities – some things are more important than other things so some things have priority or top priority.
original – first
schedule – programme

“Another problem is the lack of accommodation.” Lack is a noun followed by “of” + a noun. “Lack” is also a verb followed by a direct object e.g. “Christchurch lacks accommodation.” The noun is more common.

New Zealand will host the Rugby World Cup later this year. How will this help the New Zealand economy?

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