Third explosion at Pike River coal mine

A third explosion happened this afternoon, two days after a second explosion. By Wednesday evening, police said that all miners now must be dead. Probably they became unconscious first through carbon monoxide poisoning and would have felt nothing. It is also likely they died at the time of the first explosion a week ago.

The air tested through the bore hole on Wednesday was 95% methane. This showed that the police were right to stop rescuers from entering the mine.

The families now want the bodies recovered but that will take time. Probably the mine is on fire so CO2 will be pumped into the mine to put out the fire.

A memorial service will be held next week.

There will be a number of inquiries later to find out how this tragedy happened and how a similar tragedy can be avoided in the future. What questions do you think will families want answered? What questions will the company shareholders want answered?

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