John Key in Afghanistan

Prime Minister, John Key, has just ended a 3-day visit to Afghanistan. Helen Clark also visited Afghanistan when she was Prime Minister. We have 70 members of the SAS (Special Air Services) fighting in Kabul and 140 soldiers working in Bamiyan province to help build roads and bridges. The SAS plan to return to New Zealand next March and the soldiers in Bamiyan will finish in September this year.

There are 130,000 soldiers from 46 countries in Afghanistan.

John Key met with the President Karzai and the US general in charge of the war. For his protection, his visit was a secret – we did not learn about it until he had left Afghanistan. However, he wore a helmet and body armour as protection. He said he did not want to send soldiers to a country that he would not visit himself.

The US general said they are very grateful for New Zealand’s help. Now John Key thinks that about half of the SAS and about 50 other soldiers could stay longer in Afghanistan.

Questions to think about

Do you think NZ should send soldiers to Afghanistan?
How long should NZ continue to support the war in Afghanistan?
Was it safe for John Key to visit?

One Comments

  1. I think that it was a bad idea, because that is a dangerous country and it is unjust to carry soldiers to other country to a war.
    They can lose their life in this dangerous country.

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