Wealthy migrants wanted in New Zealand

At the end of July, the Department of Immigration said they will now allow wealthy migrants to live in New Zealand. There is no English requirement. There is no maximum age. Now retired people who cannot speak English can move to New Zealand if they have enough money.

These migrants have to invest $10 million for three years in New Zealand so that this money will help our economy. They have to live in New Zealand for at least 73 days in the second and third years.

Each migrant must be healthy and of good character.


  1. I think this is a good idea and will benifit New Zealend. But the bad thing is that they should treat all peapole equally and not judge them bye there money. Ive never been to New Zealend but they say its verry beautiful. New Zealend can be a good place to live with your family but yoyu wont be able to imagrate beacuse you dont have enough money.

  2. well i thik they are discriminating poor people just because of their selfishness 😛

  3. I think that its a good idea because its going to help New Zealand´s economy a lot. But its also bad because the migrants have to pay a lot, i think it would be better if it wasnt that amount of money.

  4. I think that inviting migrants to live in New Zelanti, is good because this country will have some diferent culures and New Zelanders will have good experiences.
    I think that it have a bad part because some of the natives of an other countries will be separated some times

  5. Maybe this isnt as good as it may look, because this country is getting wealthier while the others from where the rich peolpe come are going to have problems because the countries money is goin to be inverted out of it, just inscreasing the problems.

  6. I don’t think this is a good idea, because everyone wants to move to New Zealand. It will increase the population . Then all the older people will need medical care.They could feel sick and hopeless.

  7. People who move to New Zealand are very rich. The rich people could treat the poor people badly. The poor people cannot move to New Zealand because they don’t have money. I think it’s unfair. It is a very bad idea.

  8. i think this is a bad idea,because the people who move to New Zealand are rich people .A lof of rich people are elderly,so New Zealand will have problems looking after the aged.

  9. I think this is not good because the crime rate increase. Poor people could rob or hurt the rich retirees who move to New Zealand.

  10. I think it is bad because New Zealand wants good people. If a good person was tricked and went to jail so he can’t move to New Zealand.
    Some people might have to borrow a lot of money to go to New Zealand. They will have problems later and they will end up with doubts.

  11. I think it’s a bad idea for two reasons:
    1.They don’t give a chance to someone who is not rich.Maybe they want to go to New Zealand but they don’t have enough money.
    2.If a person has much money,the New Zealand government may not care if this person is bad.It will get New Zealand into trouble.

  12. I think it is a bad idea because people who move to New Zealand are very rich. But they cannot speak English. They will have problems.

  13. I think is a bad idea because many people want to migrate to New Zealand.The population will increase.
    Is is also good.It can make the country rich.

  14. I think it is a bad idea to move to NeW Zealand because the poor people have to borow money and later they will have to pay the money back….

  15. I think many people want to move to NEW Zealand. Because they are very rich. Poor people can’t move to New Zealand. The rich people will not go to came back to their home country. I think this is bad idea.

  16. NZ is a great country but sadly there are some jack ass politicians who promote policies like this.

  17. rich without poor means no life. it is the same as life without dead. sometimes when i think no matter you rich no matter you poor finally we all become equal. that is it. no more think or feeling further. we dont have continuity.
    fasil tilahun.
    addis ababa.

  18. No offence to most people who commented earlier but seems like most of you are little kids.. i am from nz and i also know that poor people are people without jobs.. food.shelter… if ur a worker nz offers you a variety of ways to enter new zealand.. and to be honest if you are really poor.. its best you stay in your own country.. as new zealand also has its unemployed citezins who should get a job first.. by rich people coming into the country and investing that much money on business gives poor people more chances for jobs hence allows more ppl from overseas to come in nz without much money..

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