Swine Flu again

The H1N1 flu – which is also called Swine flu – is now causing some worry in New Zealand as well as the rest of the world. The World Health Organisation is now calling this a pandemic which means that it is now global and spreads within each country as well as between countries. In New Zealand, at first the only people to get this flu were those who had travelled to Mexico or the US. See April 27th 2009. Australia reported many cases in the last two weeks and some people returning from Australia brought the flu with them. Now it is spreading to people who have had no contact with travellers. It is also spreading very fast. The numbers have jumped very quickly from a few to more than 100.

The New Zealand Medical Officer of Health says that the best way to stop this flu from spreading is to stay at home. Workers should stay home from work. Westlake Girls’ High School have told all year 12 girls and eight teachers to stay home this week because some Year 12 students have the flu. Other schools have cancelled one class and a day care centre had to close after children became sick.

People who have the flu should not visit the doctor because they could spread the flu to others in the waiting room. They should phone their doctor or phone the Healthline 0800 611 116.


  1. flu is so dangerous i got scared

  2. I worry about New Flu.
    Flu is really dangerous.
    We should be careful/

  3. if you get ill,you need to see a doctor

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