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Lydia Ko wins US$1.5 million

Lydia Ko finished the golf season with a win in Florida, worth half a million US dollars – and a bonus of US$1m for winning the most points for that series of events.

She is the youngest person to win in her first season. She is only 17 years old.

When she was 14, she was the youngest ever to win a professional golf event but as an amateur, she could not win any prize money. By August last year, she was the only amateur to win two LPGA events (Ladies Professional Golf Association).

In October last year, she turned professional. She has had 3 wins and been runner up twice. She is now number 3 in the world.

She said she had fun playing today. She remains calm when playing, and when she speaks to the media, she is always cheerful and confident. Although she was born in Korea, she has lived in New Zealand since she was 5. She says, “I do feel I have a Kiwi personality.”

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• bonus – extra money
• amateur – play for love of the game, not for money
• runner up – second